The Westside Farmers Market promotes the individual and social health of our community by creating access to fresh, local foods in a vibrant and informative, weekly gathering in our urban neighborhood.

The Westside Farmers Market has the following key focus areas:

  • To provide city residents with access to fresh, locally produced foods and to connect local farms to an active urban market.
  • To directly and indirectly promote health and healthy choices for residents through access to healthful foods and information regarding healthy eating options.
  • To build community by bringing people together in an on-going, accessible and engaging atmosphere, and to support the dialog, relationships, and engagement necessary for sustained community renewal.
  • To enhance the economic viability of the Westside and surrounding neighborhoods through an increase in the activity and excitement associated with the neighborhood and an increase in the pedestrian traffic in the area.
  • To highlight the diversity and build the capacity of our community by showcasing neighborhood organizations, area stakeholders, and all of their efforts and activities.
  • To provide economic and experiential outlets for supervised, community-based youth development projects involving community gardens, entrepreneurial skills and related activities.
  • To educate and promote safe practices for developing small-scale urban gardening activities.
  • To support efforts to introduce fresh locally-grown produce in the “mini-mart” sales outlets in Southwest Rochester.
  • To facilitate the relationships among the University of Rochester, its Medical Center, additional outreach agencies and the five Southwest Rochester neighborhoods to promote good nutrition and healthy living.